Apple to go
„single“ …the ideal companion on the go!

Slogan …all laundered, and ready to bite into!
Whether you are in the car, at work, on an aeroplane, on the train, at school, on a hike or many other occasions, our individually packed apples always constitute a ideal snack.
Due to the provision of both a special protective film and napkin, the apples stay for long time fresh and juicy. They are also easy to transport.

Apple to go „single“ …Advantages:
1. The apple are laundered and put into a film packet which protects them from environmental impacts.
2. Due to the unique effect in the Apple to go- pack the apples stay longer juicy and fresh.
3. The light-weight film is easy to open.
4. No mess because of the accompanying napkin!
5. After consumption, the leftovers can be put into the film and transported without producing mess.
6. It is possible to advertise using the label or by printing straight onto the protective film or the napkin.


Wrapped in Paper

Wrapped in PaperWrapped in Paper

The original Sisiapfel (apple)


The original Mozartapfel (apple)


Apple to go – standard in the box and rollin

Schokoladeapfel von appletogoVerpackung des Schokoladeapfels von appletogo

Apple to go – chocolate apple

Schokoladeapfel von appletogoVerpackung des Schokoladeapfels von appletogo

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